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I mashed up #FFC52 34 with Naomi Harvey’s inaugural song lyric prompt and the Woegman’s Trope-tastic Thursday #002. It’s heavy for #FFC52, light for song lyric and just right for Trope-tastic Thursday. Here are 958 words:


“Miss, you have ten seconds to get your shit together. We’re evacuating this building.”

I looked up at the man outfitted in digital camo, wielding an AR-15 with an odd-looking scope on it.

“It’s a TrackingPoint precision-guided smart weapon.” He said when he noticed me staring at his weapon. “You’re outta time, let’s go.”

As we ran for the exit, I pondered aloud. “What the hell’s a precision-guided smart weapon?”

I must’ve said it too loud because he responded. “I can tap the smart trigger and the scope paints the target. When the shot is perfect, the weapon fires automatically.”

“Bad ass,” I said in wonderment.

“Bad ass,” he declared.

As we cleared the perimeter around the building, the soldier spoke into a microphone. “Unit seven-foxtrot clear.” Time seemed to stretch. The building appeared to vibrate and suddenly it was gone. I suppose my brain couldn’t comprehend what my eyes were seeing, so it interpreted it as vibrating. I admittedly wasn’t an expert in quantum demolition. I suppose they could’ve waited, the building was liable to fall anyway. All that was left was a small cloud of dust. It moved rapidly over the landscape, raining down on the parched earth. The spoiled land was a maze of cracks that ran up to the sea, if there’d been a sea. I’d not seen a body of water and my grandmother had not as well.

* * *

I trudged home. Home was what I called it. I’d heard stories about what a proper home was. Mine certainly wasn’t. I thought as I pulled back my “door.” I had to be careful to not touch the rust. I’d heard rust carried diseases. As I pulled back the corrugated metal, I heard the tell-tale sound of a shotgun cock.

“Vanessa, it’s me,” I called out.

“Sandra? What are you doing here this early?”

She put the shotgun down and I walked to her wheel chair and kissed her. I smiled and whispered, “Shouldn’t my wife have dinner waiting for me?”
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