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War of the Worlds: Retaliation Excerpt


Chucks’s prompt this week is a perfect excuse to tease you with more from War of the Worlds: Retaliation. I’m a little heavy at 1500 words:

“Finally, we’re prepared for you.” A grin slowly formed on Admiral Beatty’s face. He leaned back in his chair, staring at the large ebb screen in King Edward VII’s battle management center, heart pumping quicker as the four hundred sixty dots representing the Martian fleet closed with the ASEF ships. This would not be like slaughter of his gunboat fleet in the Sudan. This time, they’d fight the bloody squids on equal footing.

Fight and win. Beatty closed his eyes. The faces of the young lads from his gunboats floated through his mind. A slight shudder went through him as he recalled the heat of the explosions, the screams of the wounded, the sight of men vaporized.

A lump formed in Beatty’s throat. I’ll make them pay. I swear it to all of you.

“They’re splitting up.” Captain Gibbons pointed at the screen. “Looks as though they’re sending most of their bigger ships to hit our flanks.”

Beatty nodded, watching large groups of dots break off and make for different parts of the ASEF fleet.

“Leftenant Porter,” he said to the combat coordination officer. “Have US Task Force Forty-Four and the German Eighth Fleet reinforce our left flank. he British Third Fleet and French Sixth Fleet will reinforce the right flank. US Task Force Thirty-Four, the Brazilian First Fleet and the Norwegian Third Flotilla will reinforce our rear.”

“Aye, sir.” Porter repeated the order to the appropriate fleet commanders.

“Also,” Beatty held up a finger, “move up the Canadian Second Flotilla, the Spanish First Fleet, and the Italian Second Fleet to protect the transports and support ships.”

“Aye, sir.” Porter relayed that order as well.

Anticipation grew within Beatty. He yearned to give the order to fire. He looked around the BMC, thought of the thousands of human ships at his command, all built from the technology the Martian invaders left behind when they died.

Technology about to be turned against you monsters. Oh, the delicious irony. Perhaps he’d pen a poem about it one day.

“Lower projection screens. I want complete three hundred sixty degree coverage of the battle area.”

“Aye, sir,” replied Porter. “Lowering projection screens.”
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War of the Worlds: Retaliation


I’m afraid we humans are gonna leave a mess on Mars for Abigail Harrison when she gets there in 2030. Some of you fans have been hearing snippets about the War of the Worlds sequel I’m working on with fellow Arizona author, John Rust. We have the preliminary art done for the cover, and have already started on the varying covers for different media and territories. The cover for the paperback is done, and next I’ll work on the hardcover. The digital covers will be very similar to what we’ve already come up with. We’ll need more beta readers, editors and proofreaders before we start shopping the manuscript. You know how to get ahold of me if you’re interested in helping us out. Anyway, here’s the first chapter:

* * *

Am I the only one on this planet that has not turned into a cowardly fool?

Supreme Guardian Hashzh aimed his large, dark eyes at the video screen. All six of his tentacles trembled. He opened his v-shaped mouth and unleashed a half-shriek, half-gargle of anger.

When the piercing sound stopped echoing off the curved walls of his chamber, Hashzh spread his tentacles along the floor and read the message from the Guiding Council.

Our most recent calculations show that the Shoh’hau race has more than adequate defenses to deal with any potential attack by the natives of Brohv. As we have stated previously, the Council has determined it is highly unlikely a primitive race like the Brohv’ii can replicate our technology to the point they are able to threaten our world. Thus, your request for more weaponry for the Guard Force is denied.

Hashzh’s anger burned hotter as he continued reading.

Furthermore, Supreme Guardian Hashzh, your constant requests for more material for the Guard Force has not only grown tiresome, but wastes the time of the Guiding Council. We have stated numerous times that priority for resource allocation must go to the Final Project. Diverting those resources for armaments that will in all likelihood never be used means delaying the completion of the Final Project. You are to cease your requests for additional weaponry. Non-compliance with this directive will result in your removal as Supreme Guardian.

Hashzh wanted to cover all nine members of the Guiding Council in bodily waste. Did they truly believe the Brohv’ii not to be a threat? Had they forgotten what happened during the Cleansing Mission 13 cycles ago? All the Brohv’ii needed was for one ship to land on Shoh, and just one of their race to set foot on this planet and spread their diseases.

That fear dominated his mind. He thought of the Shoh’hau in the Cleansing Force. How much pain did they endure as those alien microbes ravaged their bodies? How scared had they been, knowing they had no means to combat the sickness?

Would the same happen to him? To everyone on Shoh?

It will if fear continues to rule the Guiding Council. They wanted nothing more to do with the Brohv’ii. Hashzh sometimes believed the planet’s leaders thought simply mentioning the word “Brohv’ii” would cause their diseases to spread throughout the world.
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War of the Worlds: Retaliation

Some of you eagle-eyed fans have already sussed that I’m working on a War of the Worlds sequel with fellow Arizona author John J. Rust. We know each other in real life from our jobs in radio broadcasting. Some of you might ask if a War of the Worlds sequel is legit. Totally, dude! In the United States, books published before 1923 are in the public domain. Other countries have their own copyright laws, and the H. G. Wells copyright is now in the public domain in every country except the European Union. We have to wait until January 2017 for that to happen.

I’m not too worried about spoiling a book published in the 19th century, but the following potty-mouth synopsis for War of the Worlds: Retaliation will spoil the ending of H. G. Wells’ serial and novels. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

When the Martians died, their advanced technology was left on earth. Know any humans that could do something with that tech? Of course you do, that’s been a conspiracy theory ever since Area 51 was declassified. What else do we know about humans? We get really shitty when some asshole aliens come to steal our planet. I mean fuck those guys, right? Let’s reverse engineer that shit and go kick them in the balls. ALL THE WAY TO MARS! Hell yeah, mother truckers. Heh heh, mother truckers. You like how I’m all “mother truckers” there, but had no problem saying “fuck” three sentences ago? Smooth jazz, my man.

So, War of the Worlds: Retaliation is a genre-stomping behemoth. I know the original was an allegory for British colonialism, and all that jive, but War of the Worlds: Retaliation is a sci-fi action/adventure that takes place in the mid 1920s, so it’s even got some alternative history action goin’ down. So I guess it would be retro futuristic sci-fi action/adventure. Sorry, I suck at subgenres.

John and I are both Harry Turtledove fans, and there has been an attempt to keep the characters true to their real-world counterparts. That’s totally part of what Turtledove does. There’s even an appendix that gives the down low on these historical peeps and what they accomplished here on our own blue-green marble.

You picked up what I put down? Yep, the 59,000-word first draft has been done since December 2012. Right now we’re rewritin’ fiends, hammering redbulls and doing some other thing that we’re not really doing, but I guess it’s supposed to sound all HARDCORE in italics and capital letters. We’re exchanging chapters, defending our edits and revisions. There might even be some chokin’ a bitch out. No, not really, we’ll mesh just fine.

Can you tell I’m hella stoked about this project? There’s a plan to have each region have it’s own “earth lettering” on the cover. I can see your blank stare. Here’s the North American region cover. Click on it to view it in its 300dpi 6×9-inch glory.
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