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Yarnell 19 Memorial


I work for an Arizona broadcaster as my ‘day job.’ I had the privilege of engineering our part of the Yarnell 19 Memorial today on the north steps of the Yavapai County courthouse. The temperature was about 93 degrees, but a light breeze was blowing. Prescott Fire Chief Dennis Light mentioned in his opening remarks that firefighters are a brotherhood second only to those who have served in the armed forces. I remember my own firefighter training when I was in the Navy, and after seeing over three thousand people in attendance today, I know the clarification isn’t needed. Firefighters; police officers; military personnel, both active and retired; and so many others who place the good of their community above their own deserve remembrance today.

Today’s memorial wasn’t just about honoring the nineteen fallen, it was about celebrating their decision to be good stewards of their community. That stewardship is so important not only to us as a community, but as human beings.

I’ll miss the Yarnell 19. They exemplified community stewardship and we, in turn, should do the same.