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Begging and stuff


For Champion Rising, I knocked out about 600 words or so last night. Today I wrote about 2100 words. When I’ve written in the past, my daily goal was about 1000 words. With family, work and everything else going on, I suspect I may only get around 500 words written a day with the exception of Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. I figure 2000 words on those days is a worthy goal. If I can pull off 6000 a week, then I should have the vomit draft of Champion Rising done in about two months. Of course that can vary radically based on the aforementioned obstacles. I still want to put a serious dent into The Afflicted. Moscow Mule has me excited about it again. I still want to start the audiobook for Paradox as well. You know the eBook is free on Amazon right now, right?

I feel like an Emergency room doctor. Dividing my limited time between multiple patients, assessing their worth and spending the time on whichever seems the most important. Like many authors, I yearn for the day when I can do this writing thing full time and it pays my rent, groceries, etc.

Speaking of money, I’m sure you’ve not noticed all my posts, banners and begging my friends to blog, tweet and facebook my Kickstarter campaign. Kick a buck my way. Make it a fiver and you will get an advance copy of Champion Standing. Feeling sassy? There are rewards all the way up to $250.

::sad anime eyes:: Please?

Kickstarter Progress


Opening weekend of my Kickstarter campaign wraps up with $290 of the $1000 goal. I was secretly hoping to have the whole thing funded already, but the realistic side of me told my romantic side to get bent. I knew it was unrealistic to hope, but hey… I write fiction, dig?

Please help get the word out via blogs, Twitter, Facebook and any other methodologies you deem good. Remind your peeps it’s not a donation, it’s a pledge and I don’t get anything unless the whole thing is funded.



The Kickstarter campaign for Champion Standing starts now! Remember, you’re pledging, not donating. If you meet any of the reward thresholds, you will get that reward. Spread the word – If I don’t reach the $1000 goal, I get nothing and the campaign fails.

I mentioned this on Saturday: Escape is pretty much done. I’ll agonize over it for a little while and release it in July at the earliest, August at the latest.

Paradox is free June 13th – 17th on Amazon. I could use some reviews, people!

In other news, fellow author and RPG designer, Todd Van Hooser owns the copyright on some beautiful line art by Joel Cotejar. I wanted it for the cover of Champion Rising. Todd gave his blessing, so I’ve created a rough cover concept for Champion Rising:


Almost time to Kickstart


I finished up the personal video for Kickstarter. The campaign is ready to go, I’m just waiting for Friday to launch. ::Deep breath!:: Only three days away. I hope you all can pledge – it’s not a donation. If I fail to reach the $1000 threshold, I get no money at all. Paradox will be free on Amazon the first five days of the campaign.

Kickstarter 2014


Champion Standing is only seven months away.

I’m doing a Kickstarter campaign to get copy and developmental editors. I’d also like to compensate the people who have donated their services over the last few books. Purchasing some advance copies to give away to you all would be nice. Finally, upgrading this site and getting a domain are on my wish list. If the entire project isn’t fully funded, then I get nothing. The campaign runs from June 13th to July 13th. Any pledge amount would be appreciated and there are special pledge awards starting at only five bucks.

In other news, I’m working on a book trailer for Champion Standing. I expect to have something to show you all tomorrow. I “donated” Chip Assassin to the Kboards flash fiction anthology. I’m not sure when that project is completing, but I’ll be there.