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IBR Interview

Arrington Flynn of Indie Book Rebels interviewed me today. It was a fun two hours and the time flew by. I read excerpts from Paradox and Champion Standing. We talked about Forlorn Hope and my flash fiction. Here’s the link to listen:


For the next 24 hours, if you pledge $10 or more to the Champion Standing Kickstarter Campaign and send Arrington an email with the name you pledged under, I’ll send you an eBook of Body Rentals with the bonus stories, Pithos, Tyrant, Busted and an unnamed Body Rentals story.

Week One Update


The first week has been awesome! (People say I use the word ‘awesome’ way too much.) I’ve had a few emails asking about my writing style. There’s a bunch of flash fiction here, but also check out these specific posts:

Warrior’s Blood – This is an early flash I did for Chuck Wendig’s weekly flash fiction prompt. It tells the story of two main characters on a spiritual journey.

Fabia’s Mission – Another flash fiction piece for Chuck’s prompts. This story is not part of Champion Standing, but tales place during the first chapter of CS.

I’ve posted images of the limited edition “green” cover before, but I wanted to show it again:


The Kickstarter campaign is the only way to get the “green” cover.

I wanted to specifically give a shout out to my $250 backer. Dude, you’re the kick start to my Kickstarter campaign. Thanks! (I didn’t want to name him because I didn’t specifically have permission to do so.)

I’ll be interviewed by Arrington Flynn of Indie Book Rebels on Tuesday, June 24th @ 3PM Arizona and Pacific time. It’ll be a great opportunity to hear me talk about Champion Standing and for you to ask questions about the book and campaign. Arrington has taken an active interest in the campaign and my writing – Thanks Arrington!

Indie Book Rebel Interview

IBR icon

I was interviewed yesterday by Arrington Flynn at Indie Book Rebels with V. M. Black and caller V. M. Jaskiernia, both paranormal romance authors. I felt a little out of place being a Sci-Fi author, but when do I let something like that stop me? The show was two hours and I was there for about the last forty-five minutes. I got to do the inaugural “lightning round,” which was a three minute blurb and excerpt.

If you have forty minutes, check it out: