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Goodreads Choice Awards


Oh, look! The 2014 GoodReads Choice Awards are going on right now. The opening round is the next day or four. The opening round is the only round allowing write-ins.

Hey how about you write Forlorn Hope in during the opening round in Science Fiction? *cough* Don’t vote for Hugh, he doesn’t need another award. *cough* Hey Hugh, I love you man!

After that, you should write in Jennifer Gilby Roberts in the romance categoryAfter Wimbledon is eligible. *nudge* That’s the one I helped name.

Chuck “Wendigo” Wendig, AKA THE BEARDED ONE (it has to be in caps, like you’re yelling it at people who walk by), is also eligible for a write in. I voted for Blightborn, but make sure you write it in a category like YA, not Science Fiction, because, ya’know you wrote me in. ::pleading anime eyes::

Who else should we vote for?