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Daily Ends


I work the early shift at the radio station on Sundays, so I had to get the play-by-play via text and photos. We’re going on vacation next month and have been keeping it secret from the kids. The Easter Bunny hides plastic eggs through out the house and the kids do a hunt. The eggs are color-coded and there seems to always be a fixed amount. They traditionally find all the eggs before opening them to get their haul. The Easter Bunny decided to let the kids know about our upcoming vacation by hiding letters in random eggs this morning. The kids discovered five letters each and had to work together to discover what the Easter Bunny was trying to tell them:


The first attempt was less than stellar:


My wife texted me the photo only moments before going on the air and I had to suppress my laughter while giving the weather forecast. It was very difficult. After they regrouped and made another attempt, the cryptic message was revealed:

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