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Champion Standing Expanded Availability


Hey all, the exclusivity agreement with Amazon has expired, so Champion Standing is now available in ebook here:
Barnes and Noble
Apple should be along shortly, because, ya know, they’re Apple.

Champion Standing out now!


My regular blog followers already know this, but my debut novel-length fantasy novel is available now. $4.99 for the eBook and $9.99 for the dead tree version. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can get it free until April. Because of a distribution glitch, the paperback is currently a buck off on Amazon. Get it at the discounted price before it’s fixed. Most of you already know the synopsis, and have seen the trailer, but if you need a refresher, click on “Works” above, or just go to Amazon:


I took Anthony to see the early showing of the final Hobbit movie. The rest of the day, I spent here:
I did another Champion Standing trailer, but after everything was done and it was uploaded I decided I didn’t like the font.

Free Anthology and Other Happenings.

Stories on the Go

I’ll start out with the free anthology. Stories on the Go is an anthology of 101 flash fiction stories by 101 authors. Although I don’t rank top billing, my story is number ten on the list and some of the other authors include Hugh Howey & Lisa Grace. Andrew Ashling and the rest of the volunteer crew did an amazing job editing and producing this anthology. Go get it now!

* * *


Champion Standing will be out in 14 days. The electronic book will be an Amazon exclusive for at least the first 90 days. The paperback will be available on launch day, January 2nd. There will be different covers for the electronic and the dead tree versions. This weekend I plan to redo the book trailer with larger text. Depending on the popularity of Champion Standing, I may look into doing some sort of audiobook, but that’s further along the pipeline. You can preorder Champion Standing now.


16Sunsets has already reached the 30k point. I expect you all to see another 10k or so of the vomit draft on this blog before the end of the first quarter of 2015. I’ll figure out some sort of schedule and if the stars align, I hope to have it done before February. When the blog version is done, there will be a very limited printing available to select fans and contributors of the entire story from the blog before the rewrite gets it above the magic 50k and the long editing process begins.

The Afflicted

For the rest of 2015, I expect to finish The Afflicted and if Saturn is in retrograde, Soul Smith. I also hope to put a serious dent in the Body Rentals sequel and/or Champion Rising. Victorious Maiden, Technophobia, Eve’s Story and a sequel to Escape won’t even be close to completion until 2016.

Preorder Champion Standing


Well, the day has come. Champion Standing is less than ninety days away. You can preorder the eBook at Amazon for only $4.99. The paperback will be available in January, with a sticker price of $9.99. I’ve decided to go with the “red” cover for the Amazon eBook and a slightly modified version of the ARC white cover for paperback and the rest of the e-tailers after Amazon has it for 90 days.

Champion Standing Proofs

I know, I know. You’ve already seen the mangled jade proofs. You’ve seen the advanced reading copies. Now, the gallery proof! The interior is essentially done. The cover will likely be the ones from the ARCs, but I just don’t know. I like the sheer beauty of the ‘red’ cover, but my author bio isn’t in the same spot as Forlorn Hope and Body Rentals. The ‘white’ cover is striking with the line art. What do you guys think? Be sure to rewatch the Champion Standing trailer below the image.



Advance Reading Copies

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this, but something is amiss at Thaininvain. No prompt today, so I’ll likely do it tomorrow once her glitches have been minded.

I got my ARCs for Champion Standing yesterday. Only three months until preorders start. Apologies for the poor quality image, I think my lens is dirty.