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I’ve really enjoyed working with Joel Cotejar. I received from him a beautiful cover image in all its comic book style inky goodness. In the past, I’ve heard people with tattoos talk about how when they get some more money together, they’re gonna add this element or have something “filled in” or “colored.” Since I have no tattoos, (I know, right? Former NAVY and I have no tattoos. Go figure.) I’ve never gotten this thought process… Until now.

When I get some more money from book sales, I want Joel to design a logo, colorize the art he’s done, and… And… And… Hell, I don’t know. Here’s Kristof. Enjoy the ink:

I’ll show you the other half tomorrow.

Art Harder


I totally nerded out last night. I spent some time just staring at Joel Cotejar’s cover art. I’m looking forward to getting this piece finished; both the art and the story. Joel has been very accommodating at courting my madness. If you are an author and your story is comic book related, I hope you’d consider Joel.

As I promised yesterday, here is the other half of Joel’s cover. This is (obviously) Joaquin:


16 Sunsets – Revelations


“After you.” Anne motioned to Joaquin with her free hand while holding open the door for him.

“Don’t men usually open the door for the ladies?” He asked.

Anne laughed. “I’m far too old for something as new as chivalry.”

Joaquin’s eyes narrowed. “How old are you?”

“Chivalrous about doors, but not about asking a woman her age?”

Joaquin didn’t reply.

She smiled. “How old do you think I am?

More squinting from Joaquin, followed by, “Early thirties?”

“You’re sweet.” Anna patted him on the cheek and closed the door behind them.

“So, ya gonna tell me or what?”

Anne smiled and motioned towards an open door. “Wait in there.”

Joaquin walked through the door and paused at what he saw. There was a little blonde girl with a pink bow in her hair, a pink fur stole and a pink dress sitting perfectly still. Beside her sat an older woman wearing a blouse with pink, red and orange circles and an orange skirt. To Joaquin, it looked like a grass skirt he had seen on hula dancers. Next was a man dressed in a suit out of the seventies in hideous oranges and pinks to match. They all sat perfectly still – Joaquin couldn’t tell if they were breathing.

Joaquin leaned to examine the little girl and her blue eyes focused on him. The movement of her eyes startled him and he fell on his ass. The girl tilted her head to regard Joaquin and asked, “Are you here to play with me?”

Joaquin looked to the lady and noticed a tear glistening in the harsh light of the room. The light was so strong the dark shadow of the woman and girl contrasted against the pale green wall paint.

“What the hell you doin’ in here?”

Joaquin looked over his shoulder and saw Justin.

“Don’t look at me, dude. Keep your eye on the crazy little girl who can freeze you.”

Joaquin’s head snapped back to the little girl and his eyes focused on her outstretched arm. He scrambled back on all fours and skittered out of the room. He reached up to thank Justin, but when he got close to Justin’s bare forearm, Justin jumped back.

“Whoa, dude!” He grabbed Joaquin’s arm with his gloved hand and helped him to his feet. “That girl can freeze you and make you her plaything, but I’ll age the shit outta you.”

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16Sunsets – Subtitle: For the want of a cheeseburger


Kristoff took a huge bite of his cheeseburger. Krystal watched a ketchup-soaked onion slice fall and land on the paper wrapper spread out on a tray. She ordered a garden salad, but hadn’t eaten any of it. Kristof saw the errant onion slice and squeezed it between two French fries and ate the whole thing.

“Man, I’m starving.” He took a long pull on the straw of his extra large beverage. “I’m not sure when I ate last.”

“Hon…” Krystal said and waited for a response from her husband. He operated the straw once again and raised his eyebrows. “We really do need to talk.” She said.

Kristof emptied the contents of his cup with a loud annoying slurp. He scanned the room for the soda dispenser. “Sure thing, babe. Lemmie get a refill first.” Kristof stood, shoved a handful of fries in his mouth and made his way toward the soda dispenser.

“Why does this have to be so hard?” she whispered to herself as Kristof laughed at something another patron said in line to use the soda machine. It’s supposed to be hard. She thought to herself. You’re considering leaving your husband.

Kristof was a difficult man to live with. She knew of his mood swings and told herself excusing his juvenile behavior was something that married couples just did. She never fully understood his feelings towards his family. She knew he was an only child and his mother died when he was young. One day on the anniversary of his mother’s death, he was feeling especially vulnerable and confided that he believed his father murdered his mother and fled before the police could perform a proper investigation. Years later, the case was reopened and it was determined his mother had died of natural causes, but his father’s flight was still suspicious. By this time, Kristof had been in the system and had a few run-ins with law enforcement.

“This guy…” Kristof sat and placed his cup at the corner of his burger wrapper. He wasn’t satisfied with the position, and moved it so it covered the condensation ring completely. “This guy says the service is so slow, robbing the place would be pointless because by the time they emptied the registers, the cops would already be here.” Kristof ate another huge bite of his cheeseburger followed by another pull of his soda.

His cheek bulged. “People.” He said before shoveling more fries into his mouth.

“Kristof!” Krystal raised her voice. It was loud enough for those tables near them to look. She leaned forward and lowered her voice. “We need to talk.”

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16Sunsets – Cover Reveal

There’s been a lot of back and forth between myself and Joel on the final cover. We got input on the title and logo and I think this is pretty darn close to being done:

Latest 16Sunsets cover

16Sunsets – Jade Palace



“I’m Temüjin.”

“Come with us, Sir.”

Temüjin sized up the two women who had come to take him to learn his fate.

“Don’t even try it.” The shorter of the two women declared. “I’ve got the strength gene and Qing has the vision gene.”

“So you’re telling me,” Temüjin replied, voice dripping with scorn, “I need to blind her, and what? What is the antithesis of super strength?”

Qing replied. “He’s bluffing, Ling. The pulse in his carotid artery isn’t increasing.”

Ling retorted. “As if a freak like him could do anything if he so desired.”

Qing laughed. “Be careful, Ling, his pulse is up. Perhaps he really does have a power.” She paused for effect. “The power to get angry!”

Ling and Qing grasped the fuming Temüjin firmly by the arms and led him to the Jade Palace.

* * *

“We must keep our bloodline clean!” Annie pounded her dais to emphasize her point. “We mustn’t allow these f…” She paused and contemplated what she was about to say. “defects to dilute our million year old ancestry.”

“Mistress,” a court council interrupted. “Temüjin has already established those without an activated gene are quite capable and have the ability to become contributing members of society.”

“Temüjin Khan,” She spat the title Khan as if it left a foul taste in her mouth. “is a nobody. He and his followers wish to make us all weak.” She brought her full attention to the councilor who interrupted her. “What does nature do to the weak?”

“Nature culls the weak and rewards the strong.” The councilor droned.

Anne crossed her arms as if the councilor had made her point.

“With all due respect, Mistress.” The councilor chose his next words carefully. “Since his banishment forty years ago, he has raised an army, united the nomad tribes and his lineage continues two generations. Mistress, in another forty years his kind will match us in population. Forty years after that, his kind will outnumber us four to one.”

Anne leaned forward and growled. “Then we’ll just exterminate them.”

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16Sunsets is up to 8575 words written. Pretty soon, I’ll hit 20% of the minimum word count to be considered a novel (that’s 50k for those of you who need to know.) There’s so much stuff I need to fit into the story. Now that the cover is done, I’m itching to write this thing. Click on the “16Sunsets” tag to read the nine installments so far.

I was toying with the idea of producing some very limited edition compilations of some of my digital-only stuff and other short stories. I may select some flash fiction items so let me know in the comments which ones I should include. There’s a “flash fiction” category for those.

For those of you who have access to a local library, head over there when you have a spare moment and request Forlorn Hope or Body Rentals. The paperbacks of both those books are offered at severely discounted prices to libraries.

Champion Standing has been finalized and proofs are in the mail. Preorders will start on October 15th with a release date of Friday, January 2nd, 2015. Champion Rising is still planned, but as I’ve said before, it’s on hiatus while I work on 16Sunsets.

Finally, for those of you looking for flash fiction prompts, here is a list of sites to check out:
Sunday: Sunday Photo Fiction
Wednesday: Thain in Vain #FFC52
Thursday: Woegman’s Tropetastic Thursday
Friday: Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds
If you know of any writing prompts on Monday, Tuesday or Saturday, mention it in the comments.