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16Sunsets Promo Interview #1

I’ve done a few radio interviews for 16Sunsets, releasing on February 29th. (Go pre-order it right now!) These are just short little segments, but I get to talk about the book and other writing things. I believe that with Phil King, on the KYCA morning show, KYCA Talks, this was the second segment. We talk about the book, the different covers, and the upcoming War of the Worlds sequel.

Only a week until 16Sunsets!


Many of you have watched 16Sunsets evolve from a response to Chuck Wendig’s weekly flash fiction to the novel it came to be. You all had wonderful comments for each serial flash fiction, and many of you also assisted in some way in converting this into a novel.

I appreciate each and every one of you who helped, and/or read the story. You’ve all been so wonderful, and your encouragement turned this from a solitary writing endeavor to a finished novel we can all be proud of! I’m a week away from the digital and (hopefully) paperback release, and I couldn’t have done it without you all.

If any of you would like a digital copy of the novel for review purposes, shoot me an email, and I’ll send one your way. The bulk of the story hasn’t changed from the web serial, so it’s likely you’ll see your suggestions in the final novel. I’d appreciate if you could share the Amazon link on your various social media platforms:


Kindle Scout Campaign for 16Sunsets


Hello teh interwebs! (Stupid autocorrect kept fixing my intentional misspelling of ‘the.’)

16Sunsets has been the long grind, and it’t finally ready for a Kindle Scout campaign. I’m sure most of you are already aware of what KS is, but here’s a refresher:

Kindle Scout is Amazon Publishing’s slush pile. People like you and me nominate books we’d like to see them pick up and publish with a $1,500 advance and a 50% royalty rate. Amazon has some mysterious wording on what books they actually pick up, and having the most nominations doesn’t necessarily guarantee a contract, but since they’re so secretive about everything, no one really knows what is going on. Unlike some other reader-nominated contests, you don’t have to sign up for anything or create a new account, because your Amazon credentials allows you to nominate. If 16Sunsets is contracted by Amazon, everyone who nominated it will get a free copy when it’s published.

In the words of Princess Leia, “Help me interwebs, you’re my only hope!”

The 16Sunsets Kindle Scout Campaign starts November 4th, 2015: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/26EAV4XHXJW33

*Yes, you all know I like Star Trek over Star Wars, but I can’t think of a great Star Trek quote that I could slot in there.

16Sunsets – How many covers you gonna make?

If you make with the clickity-clickity, you can view full resolution cover wraps. The blurb isn’t final, but its on these covers. 16Sunsets has received a lot of traffic in the last week. I’m pretty sure it’s because 16Sunsets was listed on Web Fiction Guide. There’s a lot of cool fiction over there, you should check it out. If you are in a voting’ mood, you can vote for 16Sunsets on Top Web Fiction. You can read 16Sunsets by clicking on the image under projects, or just click here.

More 16Sunsets Covers

More 16Sunsets covers. These are really just opposite of the last batch, color-wise. I call ’em “washouts:”

16Sunsets Kickstarter – A Week to Go!


Well kids and other blog followers, It looks as if my Kickstarter project to raise money for 16Sunsets is winding down. I didn’t expect to pull a potato salad or Exploding Kittens kind of success, but I had hoped the project would be funded. There’s still a week to go, but **shakes Magic 8-Ball** all indications point to no.
This doesn’t mean the end of the project. In fact, I think I might get a progress report from my editor soon, it just means it’ll not launch until 2016. Don’t tell BJ this, but I think I might have an outline for a sequel for 16Sunsets. It depends on how much work the first story needs before publication. Nothing like planning the second book before the first one is even done, right?
Anyway, please reblog, retweet, book of face and shout it out from the street corner with the URL sharpied on a cardboard sign. A lot can happen in a week.

16Sunsets Update


Hey 16Sunsets fans! I changed the chronology on the 16Sunsets tag link on the Projects page. Also, I added a link to the next installment at the bottom of each story post. You wont get the behind-the-scene posts like the 16Sunsets tag, just story. There are 41 installments total, with the longest chapter being 1,650 words and the shortest at 495 words. You’re basically reading a very rough draft. The draft submitted to my editor has additional chapters and many of them have been reorderd. On the site, you’ll read about 42,000 words. I submitted a 53,000-word draft to my editor and I expect the word count to fluctuate up as plot holes and other strange first draft issues are resolved.

Head to the first installment and read from the beginning. If you get lost or need to come back for some reason, the 16Sunsets tag will get you back on track – think of it as a 16Sunsets table of contents, but with a few extras. Please comment on any individual installment, as the 16Sunsets novel is still being edited. I’ll be editing each installment today to move my opening comments to the end of each post, to better facilitate a straight read-through.

Finally, don’t forget – there are still ten days left of the Kickstarter campaign.