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Minecraft Bane

I already mentioned I purchased an XBOX360 on craigslist. The seller included a kinect, three controllers, wireless dongle, 20GB hard drive and a stack of games. The optical drive didn’t like to eject so the seller let it go for $100. The drive must have gotten stuck, because there were pry marks on the tray bezel and the Microsoft seals were broken. I pulled off the damaged faceplate and popped off the tray bezel. A colleague of mine gave me some sort of limited edition faceplate and now the drive works. I was able to sell the 3rd controller and the stack of games at Gamestop for $98.
I used that money to purchase Minecraft, The Orange Box (for Portal), DIsneyland Kinect and 800 Microsoft points for Fruit Ninja. Basically the thing is a $100 Minecraft machine. My daughter spends hours playing that game. I liked it better when she only played Minecraft on her iPod… I’m trying to write with my earPods on and I have to keep pulling them out for “Dad! Dad look! I’m gonna knock this zombie pig off this cliff with my sword.” or “This is TNT damage and this is bomb damage. Dad, you’re not looking!”

New Leaf

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my Nintendo 3DS since release. Well, my wife plays it way more than I do, but I digress. Anyway, I got the strategy guide at the same time. Anyone who has played a previous Animal Crossing is aware knowing the price of fish and bugs is essential to maximize your ‘pocket.’ A few days after getting the guide, the pages started falling out. I emailed PrimaGames and they sent out a replacement right away. When I received the replacement guide, the adhesive from the envelope somehow got on the guide and glued half the guide together. I emailed them back and they are sending out another replacement without demanding either of the first two guides back. This, my friends, is what outstanding customer service is. A great many companies these days are so focused on the P&L sheet they forget how to serve their customers. I am happy PrimaGames remembers this and encourage you all to buy your paper game guides from them.
Oh, buy AC:NL – it’s fun.


I was tempted to start with an Uncle Si quote… What the heck: “A beaver is bout like the ninjas. The suckers only work at night and they’re hard to find!
I didn’t do anything yesterday. I picked up an XBOX360 off of craigslist for $100. Between setting that up, work and VBS, I just didn’t get a chance to blog or write.
I downloaded the Fruit Ninja demo and Alyssa wont stop playing it. Eight-hundred Microsoft points may just be worth it.
In other news McDonald’s has their new 1/4 pound burgers. After we drop Alyssa off at VBS, we’ll take advantage of their BOGO special.

Of Dragons

My week of playing Skyrim was fun. I started playing it on a borrowed disc for the PS3. I played through Act 1 and dragons kept kicking my butt. I returned the PS3 disc, and was given the windows PC disc. I had to install windows7 on my MacBook just to play, but it runs just fine with all the low graphics settings selected. I ended up playing through Act 1 again, but I took the advice from my friends who had played it previously. This time I focused on one handed combat and got my smithing skill to 100 as soon as I could (about four hours of smithing iron daggers.) Now I have to go looking for dragons to defeat.

Unbeknownst to me, my wife saw I was enjoying Skyrim, and purchased a used PS3 copy from Amazon for me. I was feeling guilty about not wanting to play it on the PS3 (the windows version loads so much faster, especially when entering a cave or town.) My son had been asking to play Skyrim. He has played games like Runescape, Minecraft and Little Big Planet in the past, so I figured he would like it. He started playing on the PS3 while I continued to play on Windows.
After talking to another friend about the awesomeness of playing a thief/assassin, I started another campaign on the PS3. My son had accidentally saved over my PS3 save, so my “weak” character on the PS3 is now gone. I have finished over half the thieves’ guild quests.
I use UESP for tips since the elderscrolls wiki page is poopy on my iPad. I want to get the official paper strategy guide, but at $30 it is too much for me to spend.

Lazy Day

I didn’t do anything today. I did manage to log nine hours playing SimCity 4. I watched some Supernatural; I am caught up now, so when season eight starts this fall I am ready to watch. Looks like Warehouse 13 started yesterday so there is more TV watching I need to do.
The kids wanted to swim today, and vacuuming and skimming the pool was the price of admission. Unfortunately for them, it started raining when they were done cleaning.
We all played on the Super Nintendo today. I remember being much better at Super Mario World…