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Bad Nintendo

imageI have a Limited Edition Animal Crossing 3DS XL. Two of my friends also have Limited Edition Animal Crossing 3DS XLs. All three of our units have developed a crack on the hinge above the status light. Although I can’t specifically speak to my friends’ behavior, mine has been in a Nintendo licensed nerf armor case. It has never been dropped. It has never been abused. I only play Animal Crossing, a few RPGs and Find Mii/Puzzle Swap. The unit has sat barely used for weeks at a time due to school and work. The unit was made available for retail on June 9th, 2013. I noticed the crack about a month and a half ago. My unit should not show this level of wear in a little over six months. Of those six months, it likely sat unused for two of them.

I called Nintendo support and they told me that physical damage is not covered by warranty. After escalating to a supervisor, I was told the same thing. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was told there was no one above the supervisor. I’ve filed a Better Business Bureau complaint. I’m hoping you all will spread the word so that other people with defective 3DS XLs are made aware and can also file complaints. I also advise anyone considering purchasing a 3DS XL to not do so, since you will have a cracked hinge in six months.

This is not a new issue:

Spring Break

imageMy plan for spring break was to update my eBooks with the new webpage info and add teaser content. That was until I picked up Bravely Default. I’ve been playing it pretty much non stop since getting it last Friday. Classes start up again on Tuesday. I’m excited because it’s my last semester at Northern Arizona University. I’ll have plenty of time to write this summer and beyond.

Thursday musings

For those of you wondering where my story is for Chuck’s Flash Fiction Challenge… I didn’t do one! My job situation has changed (for the better) and writing on Friday is gonna require more effort. I’m still participating, but I’ll have to wait until Saturday or Sunday to get it up and posted.
For those of you who care, I’m sitting pretty with a pair of ‘A’s for this semester. Next week I start my Deviant Behavior & Power, Politics and the Press classes. Although these are only undergraduate classes, the instructor for Deviant Behavior is notorious for setting expectations in preparation for graduate classes. Wish me luck!
Skylanders: Swap Force comes out in three days. My special edition is already reserved and paid off at Game Stop. I paid it off about two dollars at a time. I’ll be bringing them home on Sunday after I work both jobs. My daughter is looking forward to playing with me. My wife rolls her eyes every time I talk about it, but I suspect she will play as she did when Skylanders: Giants came out last year. After all, she did buy me a Skylanders lunch bag and a squeezable character thing.
Oh, I forgot to mention, Paradox comes out in the next few days. It’s an Amazon exclusive just like Pithos and Tyrant. Get it for less than a buck when the image to the right is clickable.

Disney Infinity Failure

I really wanted to like this game. It has been unable to sway my opinion that this is a shameless Skylanders rip-off. I purchased the starter, both adventure packs, two packages of power discs, a strategy guide and a stand-alone character. The retail for everything was $200.00. I have had to sit through the five-minute intro four times now because my saves are all corrupted. I suppose it really doesn’t matter, since I haven’t actually been able to play the game since it crashes REPEATEDLY. Of the eight crashes I experienced, I was able to load a save twice only for it to corrupt on subsequent play attempt. There is no tech support number. I found the number to Disney Interactive (The game part of Disney) only to find out their tech support is only Monday – Friday. I’m not sure why they chose not to staff their tech support ON THE DAY IT IS RELEASED! When I tried to use the internet help function at, I did not receive any confirmation. Of course I opened all $200 worth of product, so no one will return this piece of crap. I just found out Disney posted on Facebook that the PS3 version has been broken by the latest patch. It’s a shame I don’t have a facebook account! No way for me to get this information. They should’ve posted this on the Disney Infinity site instead of on Facebook.


I’ve already posted about playing Skylanders. I Am surprised at how quickly I became a Skylanders addict. I want more characters, but my wallet says otherwise. Fortunately, I have managed to pick up all my stuff for roughly the same cost as a starter pack ($75.)

Classes start next week, so you can expect the posts to be infrequent until fall break.


I love the monsoon season. As I write this, I am sitting on my patio satiated from a mini-picnic I just had with the family. I enjoy sitting out and smelling the rain.
I sent off copies of my latest novelette to a few unpublished authors I know. The two of them have offered to collaborate on finishing the story. I’ve also sent a copy of it to a local artist so he can do some line artwork for the cover.
Well like all weather in Arizona, the rain has petered out, so I’m gonna end this post and go inside to attempt to get 100% completion on Skylanders:Giants.


I picked up skylanders: giants for the PS3 over the weekend. I gotta say, we are addicts. I’m trying to get Spyro’s Adventure, since two of my figures are series 2 and compatible with the original version. GameStop has a sale going on and the series 1 figures are only $2.49. Since I’m not trying to acquire them for collectors purposes, the series 1 figures will be just fine. I got my three skylanders and two giants up to level 10 and through a mishap, I had to reset two of them. My wife and I decided we had to spend all day getting them back to level 10. Tomorrow I’m meeting someone off Craig’slist to pick up a starter set and extra figures for the XBOX360. When Swap Force comes out in October, I’m gonna have to figure out where to get the $75 to purchase it.