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LGBT Discrimination at 24symbols?

Alan-Lennox_02a_ebook-250x400I saw this blog post by Brian Olsen. There wasn’t a good way to reblog, so I asked him for permission to repost a portion of his blog.

Brian writes:

24symbols is a new ebook vendor. It uses the subscription model – readers pay a monthly fee and can then read an unlimited number of any of the ebooks they offer. They’re based in Spain, and their big hook seems to be that they have business agreements with telecom companies worldwide to bring their service to people’s phones. This is potentially huge – in a lot of countries, a smartphone may be the only electronic device that someone owns, and so bringing ebooks cheaply and easily to those devices is pretty smart.

I use a service called Draft2Digital to distribute my books to many vendors. Some smaller vendors don’t allow indie authors to distribute to them directly, so a business like Draft2Digital allows me access to those readers. They recently added 24symbols as one of their clients, and I signed up immediately – why not? It cost me nothing.

On December 18 I got the email from Draft2Digital that my books were now available on 24symbols. I went to the site, just to see how they were being displayed and make sure all the information was correct. I noticed that the cover to Alan Lennox and the Temp Job of Doom was blurry, but I didn’t think much of it. I figured I had only just gotten the email, maybe the page was still being set up. I set it aside to come back and check the rest later.

On December 19 I went back and checked all my books. Three of my four books had blurred covers – and when I say blurred, I mean they’re completely illegible and unrecognizable. You can get a sense of the color scheme of the image, and that’s it – no title, no picture, nothing is visible. Only Mark Park and the Flume of Destiny was presented normally.

I assumed this was a technical glitch and emailed Draft2Digital to alert them to the problem. Yesterday, December 21, I received this response from Steed at D2D:

“24Symbols blurs out cover art for certain adult content unless a user is signed in and has their age settings set up appropriately. Since your books have gay/lesbian subject matter, 24Symbols has elected to keep those books in an adult content section. However, any adult users who are signed into their site will see the covers in full.”

Oh. Okay. Well, that explains the discrepancy – I don’t have “gay and lesbian” as a tag on Mark Park and the Flume of Destiny, but I do on the other three books.

I responded with this:
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(Not) NaNoWriMo, Day Sixteen

I’ve been slacking lately. November has always been the worst month to get anything done. Erika and I both have birthdays this month, Turkey day is around the corner, and my sister-in-law always visits the first week of November.

Of course November 2015 is even more crazy with the Kindle Scout campaign, the audiobook stuff, the novelette submission to TOR, and three different collaborative projects! I did manage to get 1,200 words written this morning.

(Not) NanoWriMo Day Nine

Today was a good day for writing. I managed about 1700 words or so before work, and added another 450 after work for a daily count of 2140.

Art Harder Motherfucker

I’ve been marginal in designing my own covers. I’m good enough to do some basic stuff, but smart enough to know when I can’t hack it. I’ve been helping Linn Fergus with some cover concepts and reference covers. Since I don’t have the proper rights to some of the photographs and art I’ve used, Linn’s going to commission an artist to do the covers based off of my reference covers. Joel Cotejar might be involved, so we’ll see. I wanted to share with you all some of the reference covers I’ve done for Linn:
Ascension-Birthright Ascension-RazorsPass Ascension-FallAndRise


Lost-Chronicles Undead_Enemies-B Kita
Here are some more randoms I’ve been working on:
space-adventure-2 space-adventure-1 space-adventure-3

(Not) NaNoWriMo Day six

2135 words today. As I was writing the last page or so, I really started having fun. It sucks that the fun started as I was concluding for the day, and not at the very beginning. I added my draft progress to each day, basically so Rosie could read it, but you can read too if you want. I’m sure that after this first draft is done, I’ll need to tear this thing apart, and decide what to do with it.
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(Not) NaNoWriMo Day five

When I started out writing for (Not) NaNoWriMo, I intended on finally writing the sequel to Body Rentals. Since I’m a pantser, the story is unfolding in a way that just might not be Body Rentals-esque. Today’s 2,000 words gets me over the 10k mark, and a nifty badge over at
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(Not) NaNoWriMo Day four

Today I had to push through to 2040 words. I’m not really sure where this story is going…
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