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Echoes, by Therin Knite is free April 2 & 3!


Therin Knite, who I’ve reviewed and interviewed, is offering the first book in the Echoverse series, Echoes, for free on April 2nd and 3rd. Be sure to put your peepers on her work. You can’t beat free to try her out. I’m not the only one that rated Echoes high, it’s sitting pretty on Amazon with 4.4 stars. I like her, and I know you will too.

Nala’s Story audiobook now available!


I’ve already posted this first chapter of Nala’s Story when Edo and I were working on it. The audiobook is now available at Amazon, Audible and iTunes. If you want Nala’s Story for free, and you don’t have an Audible account, then sign up for the free trial. They pay me a bounty when someone does the free trial, and one of my audiobooks is the first one “purchased.”

If you’re into audiobooks, be sure to check out Body Rentals and Forlorn Hope.

16Sunsets Promo Interview #4

I was in the call screening booth minding my own business when Steve Blair sprung a mini promo interview on me. We talk about where to get 16Sunsets, and the importance of book reviews.


Days Until Home – Introduction


Only a week to go before Days Until Home. That’s March 16th for those who’re currently sans calendar. This is going to be a fun collaboration between myself, David Kristoph, and Greg Dragon. Here’s the dealio on our 21-week web serial:

The serial will run each Wednesday, starting with David, followed by Greg, and finally I’ll wrap up the cycle. We’ll each write this space disaster web series, alternating chapters. David is doing the miners, Greg is doing the bridge crew, and I’m doing the engineers.

I was in a Burger King yesterday, and one of the managers was asking about the project. He insisted that “Scotty” was overdone, and I should maybe consider an Australian engineer named Jeremy (his name.) Well, I’m a good sport, and love you fans dearly, so, at least, one of my characters will be an Australian engineer named Jeremy.

So, the basic premise is that a spaceship is on a mining mission to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The mining is all done, and the ship is preparing to head back to home to Earth. DISASTER! Something blows up, the ship is disabled, and a bunch of the crew is driftwood. Think Gravity but cooler. Because hey, if my girl Sandy B. were on our ship, we wouldn’t have a problem, right? (BBT reference!) Now, each of us is going to assume that our faction is responsible for the disaster. We’re not going to say precisely that we did it, but we’ll be dropping red herrings, and our POV will be that we’re the bad guys.

But we don’t know who done it. You guys will vote around week fifteen or so on who you think done it. Whatever faction gets the most votes is the faction that done it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Of course, we invite you all to let us know how the serial is going in the comments. You’ll have fifteen weeks to gauge the story, and make suggestions, etc, but when the votes are tallied, we’ll have our villains.

This 21-week epic is going to be… well, epic. It’ll be fascinating to see how our styles mesh. David is crazy with the outlining. Even his bullet points have bullet points. His Tales of a Dying Star series is a taut and concise five-book adventure you should check out right away. You all know I’m a total pantser. Click on the projects page to see all the rough stuff I’ve started but have yet to complete. I scoff at outlines! (Except David’s, he insisted I not scoff at his outline for this project.) Greg is somewhere between David and me. Be sure to check out Greg’s Vestalia series. David and Greg are both long-form writers, and I’m a short fiction/flash fiction kind of guy. They’re both tasty humans, and I’m a sentient drinks machine… no, wait. Ignore that last one. (Yes, that was a nod to Sir Terry Pratchett, RIP.)

Anyway, we hope that fans of them will become fans of mine and all the permutations and combinations of that statement. (Nerd joke!) I could draw a Venn diagram, but that would be stupid. You all know about me, so here are the public bios of David and Greg (I managed to get ahold of their driver’s license photos):

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16Sunsets Promo Interview #4

A little over two minutes, Mary Ann Suttles and I talk about 16Sunsets, Nala’s Story, War of the Worlds: Retaliation, and fellow Northern Arizona author, and SciFi collaborator, John Rust.


Nala’s Story audiobook preview


“Get back in line!”

The young woman frowned and turned her head toward the command. She scowled and stared at the old man, his robe barely concealing his enormous pot belly. His face wrinkled and lined, gleamed in the mid-day sun. I hope you die of heat stroke, she thought before gathering herself, disregarding her chains, and replying: “No man has power over me, yī qiào bù tōng.”

Her scowl changed to a smile, and she fluttered her eyelashes as the old man processed her insult and her use of the modern Han Chengyu. His face darkened, and the wrinkles that were so pronounced began to flush a deep crimson, as he translated the words: to lack the most basic knowledge.

Her victory and the accompanying smile were short lived. He gathered the chains binding her wrists and pulled down hard. The force spun her around, and she stumbled backward. The slave-trader grabbed at her, clasping his large hands tight on her arms. She was compelled to stare up, her back arched over his pot belly, the sweat-soaked clothing unwelcome against her bare skin.

He looked into her wide eyes and whispered. “Watch your tone, slave. Or I’ll sell you to the Magistrate at a discount.” His eyes roamed her supine figure, his perpetual frown forming a lecherous leer. “You know what happens to girls joining his harem…”

He let the threat linger, unclarified. She cringed, not at his threat, but at his affront on her olfactory. He stunk with a stench of fermented wine, onions, and urine. The odor was all the more evident as he leaned closer and tugged at her bindings. As the metal dug into her wrists, all she could do was close her eyes and will the cretin to have his fun humiliating her and return her to the line.

Before he could further her humiliation, an ebony hand waved between his roving eyes. “Please, honorable sir, forgive Nala, it won’t happen again.”

The old man looked into Hazina’s face. Her soft features and skin the color of wet river rocks elicited a leer. He spun Nala around, grabbing a handful of her hair in his meaty hand. She saw the gleam in the old man’s eyes. It was a dangerous gleam. A gleam born years of getting what he wanted. When the gleam was aimed at Nala, she did not fear it. He could wear out his eyes, staring at me like that; Nala had told Hazina once, he has no hold over me.

This time, however, the look was aimed at the only thing that made Nala endure his advances: Hazina.

Hazina’s soft eyes pleaded with him. She repeated her earlier plea: “Please, honorable sir, forgive my sister’s rude behavior.”

The old man’s eyes flittered back and forth between Hazina in her pastoral dress and Nala in her slightly parted ruqun. He erupted in a spattering of Han dialect, too fast for Nala to comprehend. The tirade ended with him turning his head and spitting into the dirt. He released Nala, and she collapsed to the ground. He glared at Hazina a final time before stalking away.

Off to harass some other girl, Nala thought as she gathered herself up and worked to loosen the chains that bound her to her sister. She pressed her knuckles into her back at the strain the altercation had caused her.

Nala’s Story Audiobook Progress


Edoardo Camponeschi sent me the last chapters yesterday, along with this studio photo. I’ve listened to all the Nala’s Story audio. I have to say, it’s like Edo could see into my head and knew exactly what emotion and/or emphasis I wanted in each chapter. We discovered a typo or two, so I’ll be updating the ebook as well. The total running time is an hour and forty minutes. We need to tweak about three chapters, and Edo still needs to record the opening and closing credits, as well as, the “end matter.” I expect to finalize the audiobook in the next few days. It should be up on Amazon and Audible by the end of next week. Stop by tomorrow, and I’ll post the first chapter for you all to listen to.

Consuming Darkness: Indies helping Indies

Long-time friend of the writer persuasion, Adan Ramie, put out a “dark” anthology last summer. She and I both participated in many flash fiction prompts and contest over the years, and she’s a prolific commenter here on the blog. I would’ve reviewed them myself, but since I contributed a story and write the forward, I thought it might be inappropriate for me to review it, even though I get no compensation for any of her sales. It just doesn’t feel right.

Well, after a few months, Adan still has no reviews! Adan is a super-duper nice person, and I was hoping that I could rely on all of you to read and review it. The entire anthology is about 10k words, so about fifty minutes to read the whole thing. I enjoyed reading her short stories when she blogged them, and as a revised collection.

You don’t even have to read the whole thing. If you were to see a story (other than “Chained Melody,” I wrote that one) that you like, you can review just that one story on Amazon, just indicate in the review which story it’s for.

I’ve gotten Adan’s permission to give an electronic copy to anyone who wants to review it. I hope that whoever requests a copy will review at least one of the contained stories within a week.

Consuming Darkness is also available through the Kindle Unlimited subscription, and if you read it that way, Adan gets a teeny-tiny cut of a big pie for each page you read. Amazon has some sort of algorithm that detects if you swipe pages all willy-nilly, so for her to get “credit” you do have to read each page.

The Amazon link for reviews, or to check out her other stuff is here:

I hope you all will take a few minutes to help out another indie author! Shoot me an email if you’re able, and want to help Adan in the Amazon rankings.

P.S. I also did the cover for the revised edition:

Launch Party!


So, 16Sunsets is out today as a paperback, and at most digital retailers. It’s $4.99 for the eBook, and 14.99 for the paperback. Be sure to pick up your copy at Amazon, Kobo, Scribd, Page Foundry, or your paperback at Createspace. This one won’t be available on iTunes due partly on technology, and partly on Apple’s policies. If you’re inclined to read the very first 41,000-word draft of cobbled-together flash fiction, be sure to check out the 16Sunsets tag. You’ll miss out on a great character who will have a larger role in the sequel, and of course, the various rewrites and editing. If you’re looking for a copy of 16Sunsets for review purposes, shoot me an email, and I’ll send you one. Alternatively, I’ll be running a NetGalley co-op for 16Sunsets in April.

As a celebration, I’ve set up three of my short stories to be free today and tomorrow. Go ahead and download them even if you’ve read the early drafts here. If you leave a review on Amazon after purchasing these three stories, then your review gets the “Verified Purchase” tag which is worth something, I just don’t know what that is! Anyway, I need reviews for these three stories, and I’d appreciate it if you did so.

Here are the free stories:
Nala’s Story

Once again, reviews are the goal here. I need 20 reviews for each title so I can do some targeted advertising that will only accept titles with 20 or more reviews. Let your friends know too – spread the love around. Also, if you’ve already read the early draft of 16Sunsets, please leave a review on Amazon. I think an influx of reviews on the first day and first week do something good in the Amazon algorithm.

16Sunsets Promo Interview #3

Here’s a little radio interview I did with Steve Blair. We talk about 16Sunsets releasing tomorrow, the War of the Worlds sequel I collaborated on with John J. Rust, and the sci-fi space disaster I’m collaborating on with David Kristoph and Greg Dragon. **Checks calendar** Well, that project is only two weeks away. You’ll be hearing more about it soon. Be sure to reserve your copy of 16Sunsets by preordering it right now on Amazon or Kobo. I do believe that Kobo is doing some sort of promotion that gives you a $5 credit for creating an account, making 16Sunsets free.