Doom Sayer, by Clara Coulson

As Cal Kinsey is creeping up to his one-year anniversary on Riker’s team, something else is creeping through the streets of Aurora. One by one, people are falling ill with severe flu-like symptoms, and the doctors are stumped, unsure of the cause. At first, the supernatural community ignores this largely human problem…until a wizard is infected and flies into an insane rage, destroying almost half a city block. That is when the truth comes out: It’s not a disease at all. It’s an infectious curse. With Aurora’s supernatural community descending into panic, DSI goes on high alert, and every team is mobilized to hunt down the curse’s source. But the ICM refuses to cooperate with the investigation. Terrified practitioners try to flee the city, risking an epidemic. A scared witch attacks a DSI team, killing multiple agents. And just when Cal and his teammates think it can’t possibly get any worse, the unthinkable happens. The new leader of the local ICM chapter accuses a DSI agent of playing a part in the creation of the curse. Specifically, he accuses one of DSI’s elite detectives: the one and only Cal Kinsey.

I knew I’d like Doom Sayer, by Clara Coulson, as I’ve liked the previous three books. I enjoyed the return of the main characters, and especially enjoyed Erica’s role in Doom Sayer. I was concerned that my favorite character would be sidelined, but I should’ve expected that Ms. Coulson would give me what I wanted. She tends to do that…

As is Ms. Coulson’s style, book four is wrapped up, and then she drops a bombshell that makes book five a must read. I’m just sad that I have to wait so long for the next city of crows book. Like the rest, Doom Sayer gets 4.5 stars, and as long as Clara Coulson keeps writing them, I’ll keep reading them.

Clara Coulson was born and raised in backwoods Virginia, USA. Currently in her mid-twenties, Clara holds a degree in English and Finance from the College of William & Mary and recently retired from the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC to return to the homeland and pick up the quiet writing life. Clara spends most of her time (when she’s not writing) dreaming up new story ideas, studying Japanese, and slowly reading through the several-hundred-book backlog on her budding home library. If she’s not occupied with any of those things, then you can probably find her playing with her two cats or lurking in the shadows of various social media websites. In the publishing sphere, Clara is currently occupied with the City of Crows urban fantasy series, and its companion series, Lark Nation.


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