Moonrise – Introduction

Hey, Sixteen Sunsets fans! The sequel to Sixteen Sunsets is now official. Cindy Vaskova, who came up with the Andy Kitz character from Sixteen Sunsets, has agreed to co-author the sequel, tentatively titled, Moonrise. We’ve got a bunch written already, and just like Sixteen Sunsets, it’ll be a web serial here before it’s rewritten into a novel. We’re going a little slower than other projects I’m involved in and plan on releasing a chapter every other week until Mental State and Days Until Home are complete, then we’ll reassess. I’m looking forward to this sequel, and I hope you are too. I look forward to reading your comments every other Monday, starting on May 2nd!

Remember, though; Sixteen Sunsets will be spoiled by Moonrise. If you haven’t read Sixteen Sunsets, then read it here on the blog in its original form, or shoot me an email, and I’d be happy to send you an electronic copy. All I ask is that you leave a review on Amazon.


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