Consuming Darkness: Indies helping Indies

Long-time friend of the writer persuasion, Adan Ramie, put out a “dark” anthology last summer. She and I both participated in many flash fiction prompts and contest over the years, and she’s a prolific commenter here on the blog. I would’ve reviewed them myself, but since I contributed a story and write the forward, I thought it might be inappropriate for me to review it, even though I get no compensation for any of her sales. It just doesn’t feel right.

Well, after a few months, Adan still has no reviews! Adan is a super-duper nice person, and I was hoping that I could rely on all of you to read and review it. The entire anthology is about 10k words, so about fifty minutes to read the whole thing. I enjoyed reading her short stories when she blogged them, and as a revised collection.

You don’t even have to read the whole thing. If you were to see a story (other than “Chained Melody,” I wrote that one) that you like, you can review just that one story on Amazon, just indicate in the review which story it’s for.

I’ve gotten Adan’s permission to give an electronic copy to anyone who wants to review it. I hope that whoever requests a copy will review at least one of the contained stories within a week.

Consuming Darkness is also available through the Kindle Unlimited subscription, and if you read it that way, Adan gets a teeny-tiny cut of a big pie for each page you read. Amazon has some sort of algorithm that detects if you swipe pages all willy-nilly, so for her to get “credit” you do have to read each page.

The Amazon link for reviews, or to check out her other stuff is here:

I hope you all will take a few minutes to help out another indie author! Shoot me an email if you’re able, and want to help Adan in the Amazon rankings.

P.S. I also did the cover for the revised edition:

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