Exodus, by Paul Anthony Jones


Reporter Emily Baxter survived the alien red rain that blanketed and annihilated the human race. But after the downpour, and the lethal contagion it spread, came an even greater horror: the rampant transformation of the dead into something utterly unearthly. With a terrifying new form of life emerging from the mutated landscape, Emily’s only hope is to flee toward distant Alaska where she can unite with the survivors who have reached out to her from a remote science facility. The journey from New York will be long and painstaking, and Emily has only her faithful dog and whatever she can carry. But, after discovering a small family of refugees along the way, Emily’s determination to escape the unfolding catastrophe and carve out a new future is renewed. Standing in their way are Earth’s new masters, equally determined to survive and thrive, and possessed of monstrous capabilities Emily and her allies can’t begin to imagine…until they’re face to face with the hideous reality. In the battle about to begin, there will be no room for mistakes or mercy—only the most ruthless instincts to survive.

After reading Extinction Point, I read a few other stories, and returned to the series by Paul Anthony Jones. I mentioned I’m a fan of post-apocalypse, and alien invasion. Specifically alien invasion, because everyone who writes it approaches the aliens a bit differently.

While the first book had a strong horror feel to it, Exodus dialed it back. I got more of a feeling of the first season of the Walking Dead TV show, but without zombies. The lovable misfit I liked in Extinction Point continued to bumble through the second book. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but there is a learning curve, and she’s just not learning.

I had to work a little to suspend my disbelief a few times, and I was able to predict the ending in advance, but still a solid read. I rated the first book four stars, but Exodus dropped a bit down to 3.5, mostly because I had to suspend my disbelief, and the protagonist frustrated me at times. I’m going to read book three soon, and look forward to seeing how the story unfolds. Once again, I’m glad I picked up the series through NetGalley.


Paul Anthony Jones has been a writer for well over 25 years, now; as a journalist, short-story writer and freelance copywriter. He can now add author to that list. In May of 2011 he released Towards Yesterday, his first novel. He also released a compilation of short stories (Dangerous Places) and, his most recent project, the first book in a new series, the post-apocalyptic adventure Extinction Point. He’s currently working on the second novel in the Extinction Point series, continuing the story of Emily Baxter, the last remaining human on the east-coast of the USA. He lives in sunny Nevada with his wife, four dogs and God knows how many eight legged critters that seem to find their way into our house on a daily basis. He makes a mean cranberry martini.


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