Maladaptation, by Adan Ramie


What’s the best thing about being a published author? Recognition is pretty bad-ass. Seeing my book in print is equally as epic. But I gotta admit, the best part is meeting other author types. I had a lot of fun at Phoenix Comicon, took a whole bunch of selfies. Hanging with other authors and artists is choice.

I meet a bunch of people online too. We all can’t get to a major gathering. I met Adan Ramie via a flash fiction prompt site (Hey, Eilidh!) She helped me as a beta reader on many projects. She’s such a unique person, and I’m blessed to know her. Her writing has taken off, and we don’t “get together” as much as we used to. It’s cool, I wish the best for her writing and life.

I don’t remember if it was this year or last year, Adan asked me for feedback on her long-time work in progress, Maladaptation. I feedbacked the shit outta like six or seven chapters, and my own stuff got in the way. We still said a virtual “hey,” when we submitted flash fiction to various prompts. She has won #WOW555 more times than I have. (Have I even won? Hell, I don’t know… I know, I’m lame.)

She asked me to write an introduction to her horror collection. I jumped at it. A lot of you know me from different places, and I’m sure you all know that, as another author said to me, I’m “pretty chill.” I want us all to succeed. I can’t always help, but when I can, I mutha fuckin’ help.

Anyway, Adan Ramie is a talented author, and a hell of a nice person. Her debut novel, Maladaptation, is out in less than a week. You need to pre-order it, read it, and review that thang. Here are links for to get with the clickity-click:

Consuming Darkness

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