Call to Action

Hello fans! This is a call to action to run Nala’s Story up the charts. I’m hoping to have at least ten reviews by week’s end. I’m not talking all glowing five-star reviews either. If you have a qualm with the story, and don’t think it should be five-star, then by all means tell me in the form of a review.

For a hybrid author like myself, reviews are more valuable than sales. If you really want to read Nala’s Story (or any of my other works) but you are unable to afford to purchase it, email me, and I’ll happily send you a copy for review purposes. My email is over there. *points to the right, just below my photo from ten years ago when I wasn’t so fat.*

If any of you run your own blog or podcast, and would like to interview me, I can do audio and text, just email me for the deets, yo.

I hafta remand you all again that reviews are so important, and please leave one for Nala’s Story at:

While you’re at it, feel free to follow me on Amazon. I don’t know if it actually means anything, but my author page is at:

And for those of you who enjoy my book reviews and author interviews, do me a solid and head over to Amazon and “like” my reviews: I think you have to click on the permalink, then click yes or something. I’m hoping to get invited to the Amazon Vine program, so I’ll have even more books to read and recommend, and reviewer ranking is the way to score such an invite.

Anyway, *checks notes*. Follow me, helpful me, and Nala’s Story is out Tuesday, so please review it. Oh, here’s the cover, so you know what to get/review/hate/boycott:


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