Exclusivity, and Web Fiction

*EDIT* Some of you got here because the link to part four of Nala’s Story was redirected to this post. The rest of the story is now password protected due to exclusivity arrangements with Amazon. Keep reading to find out more.

Hey, gang! I figured with Nala’s Story coming out in two days, I’d let you all know what’s going on. First, the story will see about a week or so where it’ll be available for sale on Amazon, but still be readable here on the blog. (So if you want to read an earlier version, click on projects, then Nala’s Story.) Next weekend, it’ll be an Amazon exclusive, which means I’ll need to password-protect a bunch of the posts. The amount of posts that have to be hidden away will depend on the length of the excerpt. For those of you visiting from the HarperCollins board, I’ll need to change it from the full story to the excerpt.

But don’t worry, I need reviews more than I need royalty payments, so anyone who wants a copy for review purposes needs only to shoot me an email telling me what version is best for them to read. I’m hoping to have at least ten reviews by week’s end.

I finished coloring the Joel Cotejar art, so check this out:
I had some weirdness with inks that didn’t quite line up properly, but hey, I’m an amateur, ya know?

I’ll bother you some more about Nala’s Story tomorrow.

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