Nala’s Story Art Progress

I’m almost done coloring Joel’s line art for Nala’s Story. Click on it to embiggin.

I need to finish the slave-trader’s tents (obviously), and then cell shade the sky, sand and mountains. I should have it done for the launch on Tuesday the 18th.

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6 responses to “Nala’s Story Art Progress

  • Cadiche

    I still have absolutely no idea how you embed pictures of any sort into the work that goes up on our HC web site. I tried a few times and the only thing I succeeded in doing was warping my text.

    Font is another problem for me, as my Karma series uses RUNE font, but when it is read on ePub, it comes up as standard font.

    ps: I love Nala’s Story :)

    • Mark Gardner

      If you’re talking about the HarperCollins forums, use [img][/img] tags. If you mean where we upload our manuscripts, I upload a word doc with the images embedded.

      Thanks for your comments on Nala’s Story. I appreciate your comments on the HC site, and hope you’ll leave a review when it comes out on Tuesday the 18th.

  • Adan Ramie

    This is gorgeous. I love how their skin tones and hair colors are just slightly different. Such beautiful colors, Mark!

  • Cindy Vaskova

    Looking good! I like the color contrast.

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