Ride the Thunder


So check this out: Two of my co-workers had roles as extras in the movie, Ride the Thunder, based on the 2009 book of the same name. One of them had a song or two he wrote in the movie, and he played a guitarist in a bar scene, and my other co-worker played pool. I think for like eight hours. But they both got paid, and proffer varying degrees of pride in their acting performances and the movie as a whole.

I haven’t seen the movie, because I read the book in 2011. I’ll not see the movie because I don’t have the time, and because movies tend to pale in comparison to the book. I don’t need to cite examples, we all know about mish-mash adaptations. Besides, cramming a 690-page book into a 106-minute movie has to leave something on the table. And the book was phenomenal. A chilling tale that I’m not ashamed to admit brought me to tears.

Anyway, the film has a limited running in Arizona, Nevada, California, and Texas. Spend the $9 to see the movie, and then another $9 to get the kindle version.

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