Nala’s Story – Week 2 Review

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I’m giving away 25 copies of Champion Standing over at Book Likes.

As Nala’s Story unfolds, it shifts and morphs. Originally it was supposed to be a six-week project yielding 30 installments. Projections show that it’s only going to be a five-week project with 25 installments. It looks like it’s going to be around 13k or so on the blog.

A few installments were hard to write, because I knew where I wanted to go, but getting there was problematic. I won’t tell you which ones, but I powered through it, and hopefully no one will be the wiser.

You’ve seen the placeholder cover for it. The only thing that’s missing is some line art, and I’ve talked to two different local artists to see if they can art for me. If they don’t pan out, I’ll just have Joel Cotejar do the art. I know his work and turnaround, but I wanted to work with a local artist. I think I should know where I’m at within a week or two.

I hope everyone’s digging Nala’s Story. It’s definitely a learning experience on my end.

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