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So I’m playing with the Skylanders I received yesterday. I had to pull off the series identifier stickers GameStop had put on them. My wife turned to me from watching Ellen, and asked if I had submitted the final manuscript of Champion Standing yet. D’OH! The final MS is due on the 23rd, which is Alyssa’s birthday, so that day is out. I’d better get my shit together this weekend so the January 2nd release date happens as scheduled. I’m itchin’ to revisit that world, so I hope one of the many prompts I do during the week will spark something.

I was reading some of my flash fiction pieces last night (I know, I’m vain.) Some are great, others are okay and there are a few clunkers in there. I had planned on trying to wrap up the vomit draft of 16Sunsets be the end of December, but I think my focus is just all over the place right now. BJ will be sad, but I think I’m done with 16Sunsets for 2014.

An anthology I’m in will be releasing next week and the editor thinks it should be permafree the following week. Thain in Vain is winding down the 2014 FFC52 prompts. Understandably, the participation is getting thinner during the holiday season. If you’re a writer, how about you help me show Thain some love for her last few prompts. If you’re an “aspiring” writer (I hate that qualifier) how about you aspire your way over to thaininvain.com and write something.

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