Talkin’ About Fight Club

This post will likely offend people. You have been warned.

So I haven’t seen Fight Club until today. I was talking to BJ after work one day and I mentioned that I fed 100 of my short stories into one of those “who do you write like” websites. Now, I have no illusions that a machine can divine this information any more than it can offer writing critiques. But, hey, I was bored.

I was worried because the website kept saying I wrote like Stephanie Meyer. It did this a total of eleven times. I consider the Twilight series to be total crap, so I was concerned that a random text algorithm said I wrote like a writer I didn’t care for.

The algorithm also said I wrote like a few authors I had forgotten about or had never heard of. Here are a few that popped up more than five times: J D Salinger, Agatha Christie, Frank L Baum, Daniel Defoe and Margaret Atwood. If indeed the website is to be believed, those are authors I don’t mind being compared to. The authors I’ve mentioned thus far and a slew of one-offs comprised a tad over sixty percent.

Now, the remaining almost forty percent was a single author. Here’s where my watching Fight Club today brings everything home: Chuck Palahniuk is that author. He wrote Fight Club. BJ informed me Palahniuk liked the movie over his book and a few days later, he lent me the DVD to watch.

Examining my writing style and acknowledging the fact that I like to screw with my readers, I can get behind the site saying I write like the guy who wrote Fight Club.

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