Second Draft

The second draft of Body Rentals is now complete. The current word count is 25,475. I still need to write one chapter near the beginning as suggested by my beta reader, but I don’t think it will add more than a few thousand words. When I put it all together, I hope the word count will exceed 40,000, as that’s my goal for the whole shootin’ match.
The next step is another beta read. Then on to the third and hopefully final draft. Pithos has been re-edited since the short story was originally released. I have a road trip tomorrow, so I will work on the untitled Bishop prequel. I believe this is the last week of classes until the second week of January, so I plan on taking this time to finish editing and revising Pithos. Tyrant has had more editing and revisions than Pithos, but I want my editor that cleaned up Pithos to tackle Tyrant and Busted.
Everyone who purchased Pithos or Tyrant via Amazon will get a free update. If you got it elsewhere, then nuts to you, I didn’t get paid for the version you are reading or have read.

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