Pools and Participles

Today I edited  a few chapters from the earliest days of my manuscript. The typesetting was wrong, I had dangling participles and my formatting was horrible. I can actually see my writing improve as I move forward in chapters. I also left out a sub-plot I felt slowed down the story. My beta reader suggested I had built up that portion of the story then never told it. So after I run through the manuscript and fix certain formatting issues, I will need to write that portion of the story. I already have ideas bubbling. I want to make sure I still keep the novel to novella length. Tyrant and Busted are finished with formatting, they only need a solid edit. Until then it will just sit on my hard drive waiting.
Purchased a vacuum thingy that hooks to my garden hose. I was amazed at all the sediment accumulated in the pool, it hasn’t been up for a month and a half! Between the skimming, vacuuming, chemical care and the filter/pump I wonder if it was all worth it. Then the kids spend an hour in the pool laughing and splashing and I know it was money well spent.

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Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degrees in Computer Systems and Applications and Applied Human Behavior. View all posts by Mark Gardner

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